Author: Judith harris
ISBN: 9780807126110
Copyright: September 2000
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Attonement: Poems

Atonement is Judith Harris’ poetic family album, a scrapbook filled with remembrances of a suburban Jewish upbringing and reflections on motherhood and family life. In its pages are pieces about family members; violin, drawing and horseback riding lessons; fishing; a child’s tea party; a babysitter who does a striptease. And there are darker verses about her mother’s breakdown and her father’s cancer diagnosis. Harris’ compact, narrative verses will delight the uninitiated reader as well as seasoned lovers of poetry.

In her book Atonement, Judith Harris escorts us through a garden of poetry. Her words are leaves falling in sunlight. Through lyrical shrubbery and vines a memorable elegance emerges from this book. Harris remembers her family and childhood.